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Preface This site is intended to provide a new look onto traditional natural science problems which have found well accepted solutions in the past. Also, the aim of this site is to offer animated views (e.g. 3D models) on appealing topics.
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  1. Double-Shell PSE - a double-shell structured Periodic System of the chemical Elements (PSE), a system of high symmetry - based on a very simple Aufbau (build-up) principle.
  2. Platonic spheres - platonic bodies mapped onto a sphere
  3. Molecular Structures - the most important ones: Platonic Molecules
  4. Crystal Structures - the most important ones
  5. FlashSort Algorithm - the fastest sorting algorithm
The pages marked * use an applet based on the tool " ChemSymphony Lite" which works very nicely under the Browser Netcscape Vers.4.5. The Vers. 4.7 of Netscape is not able to interprete these applets, neither is any version of MSIE. The newer versions of Netscape, Netscape Vers. 6. and Vers. 7. are again able to interprete ChemSymphony Lite applets. - Notice, that in these Versions 6. and 7. the Java-applet interpretation is not part of the minimal configuration of the Communicator, but has to be specified to be loaded as an option.
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